'natural care you can trust'

Our personal journey of Mamaoaka was started by our founder Amanda. Her passion for starting a natural health brand was triggered by her memories from her experiences at home at a young age. Through the care of her mother, and grandmother looking after her in natural ways, she was taught the benefits of traditional medicines, and natural herbal remedies that have brought to where Mamaoaka is today. 

Mamaoaka was founded by gratitude towards the knowledge that has been passed down by generations and holds its values of traditional medicines with modern ways of maintaining our bodies in today's busy lifestyle.   

We want to welcome you on our journey in discovering innovative and natural ways to maintain health and looking after daily well-being, that we hope that one day, the world can truly benefit from. 

Our Story

Our Vision

People that can live a longer, fuller and happier life through natural prevention and maintenance.

Our Mission

To create effective and natural solutions to maintain good health and well being, through the combination of traditional practice and the innovation of modern processes without the use of harmful chemicals.

Core Values


People are at the core of what we do. We want to ensure that we treat people with respect and integrity and provide the best natural solutions for them.


We love what we do and it is the passion that ignites and inspires us to constantly strive to positively impact the lives of others.


We believe in continually searching and creating new ways to maintain health for today’s modern lifestyle.


We look for the best quality ingredients that  don’t include harmful chemicals and products that use natural ingredients.


We are dedicated to effective ways in communicating to share the knowledge with our customers so that they are able to reap the full benefits of our products and services.

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